As a Born Again Christian it is difficult to watch as family members continue to deny that they need a savior and think that they are in control. I have tried unsucessfully to share the Gospel with them on many occasions, only to be rebuffed and even disowned by one individual.

Recently I was praying about how to reach them and God revealed to me that I was to write a book. I am not an author and was quite sure that I had misheard God, but He reaffirmed His message. I researched how to self publish a book and was very surprised at how easy it is to do so.

I began typing and again I was surprised at how easily the words flowed from my brain to the screen. In a few short days I had a relatively complete manuscript. I then spent several days working on correcting spelling, grammar, layout and chapter order. I then gave a copy to my wife and my pastor for review. In a few more days I had updated the manuscript and order a few “proof” copies from the publisher. A little over a week after ordering those, I had a new set of corrections (mostly formatting) completed and was ordering final copies of the book. I have been distributing them to family for the last several days and am praying that these books will open doors for them and they will begin to see the truth and will be set free.

So what is the book? It is titled “Fishing” and is inspired by Matthew 4:19, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”
Fishing is written in simple language to help the reader understand who God and Jesus are, learn about the Bible and to know God’s plan of salvation. Written to be a non-confrontational method of sharing with family and friends. The reader is encouraged to study the Bible and come to their own conclusions.

Fishing covers the following topics:

What I Believe – A quick overview of my beliefs.
the Bible
Prophesy Fulfilled by Jesus
End Times- Unfulfilled Prophesy
Closing Comments
Reference Materials

Fishing is available on Amazon and Kindle at the following links:
Order on Amazon
Order on Kindle

Fishing is available directly from the author at this link:                                            Buy direct from Bill Webster

Check it out. So far I have had great reviews from pastors and other Christians that it is a great tool to share the gospel with family and friends. Many have ordered from 2 to 25 copies to use in this way.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to support the needs of the families of Christians who have been murdered or imprisoned for their faith in Jesus Christ!

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